Referral Packets

Referral Packets should include as much of the following pertinent information as possible.

• Any information involving the index offense(s) or prior offenses

• Victim statements involving any of the above

• Criminal record checks for the states where the offender has lived

• Affidavits for index and prior offenses

• Pre-sentence Investigation Reports for index and prior offenses

• Adult or adolescent violations of probation/parole, violations of conditions of release, and/or violations of abuse prevention orders, etc.

• Institutional adolescent and/or adult disciplinary reports

• Prior psychological, psychiatric, and/or psychosexual evaluations

• Academic testing results

• History of positive alcohol or drug urinalyses

• Protective Services Intakes, Investigative Reports, Disposition Report

• Historical and current medications list

• Educational history, including IEP/special education needs, and suspensions/expulsions history

• History involving childhood and adolescent juvenile antisocial behavior

• Employment history the year before the index offense

• Residences the year before the index offense