Services Offered

Dr. Petty provides the following services:

• Psychosexual Evaluations
• Protective services risk of harm for sexual abuse evaluations
• Nonsexual violent offender risk evaluations
• Psychopathy assessments using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R)
• Case consultation
• Staff trainings regarding sex offenders, violent offenders, psychopathy, or risk assessment instruments
• Expert witness testimony

Dr. Petty accepts referrals from:

•State and Federal Courts

• Prosecution and Defense attorneys
• Federal and state probation and parole officers
• Protective services workers
• Mental health professionals
• School personnel

Clients who are appropriate for Dr. Petty’s services:

Offense type: Sexual or nonsexual violent offenders
Age: Adult or adolescent
Cognitive capacity: Non-impaired or mild to mild/moderate impairment